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Related Training:

Matt Brown has been using his voice since birth.

But it wasn’t until the plucky youngster started to grasp the concept of language, that he made any real impact. The power of words (and their style of delivery) has stuck with him ever since.

Possessing a solid, rich voice - able to nimbly transition from ‘solemn narration’ all the way over to ‘slapstick comedy’ - he is adept at the entire spectrum of verbal communication.

His distinctive voice, will in turn, make your project one of distinction.

Cashman Commercials: Commercial

Global Voice Acting Academy: Promo

Global Voice Acting Academy: Commercial

UCLA: Pursuing a Career in Voice Over

Voices For All: Animation Characters

Santa Monica College: Introduction to Voice Overs

Related Skills:

Professional Writer of Comic Books and Screenplays

Strong Copy Interpretation

Vast Ad-Lib Ability

Takes Direction Easily

Versatile Marketing Background

Nimbly Transitions from Dignified to Goofball

Related Interests:

Animation Enthusiast (Saturday Morning and Feature Film)

Video Game Devotee (Computer and Tablet)

Public Speaking (Performing and Observing) 

Life-Long Interests:

Rock N' Roll

Sunset Strolls

Wry Humor

Thai Food

Globe Trotting

Matthew Eric Brown.

That's the official birth certificate version.

But he's known across the galaxy as "Matt".

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